All New

Wow! Already one month into the new year, 2014!! Amazing how time flies! I have a plan, again, for this year, to get this website up and running properly. It has been my mountain to climb for sure.

On the right, you will see pages to go to for items being sold. Just click and browse. At the top of the list is the album of past things I’ve made and sold or are in my private collection.

I no longer take custom orders for items outside of what I regularly do. I have to make what is in my heart and imagination. I am more than happy to entertain ideas and suggestions and if the inspiration strikes, maybe sometime in the future I will surprise us all! I just know I can not spend the time trying to develop something I’m not personally thrilled about. I hope that doesn’t disappoint anyone. Instead, my hope is that it makes you look forward to something that is truly Dollyknickers.

Just a few “in progress” shots I thought would be fun to share.

Dollyknickers kitting, miniature knitting, doll socks, Barbie socks

Tiny needles and fine yarn create the in scale look for dolls

Super Size Barbie, Super Size Doll clothes, Dollyknickers designs, Dollyknickers sewing, satin doll dress

It starts with the right fit!