All New

Hello one and all,
I have a new appreciation for people that can keep up with running a small home business! Wow! I have learned the hard way just how much it involves! Well, I am trying my best and things are going to get better. I’m still learning this website stuff but I have to admit that my brain is thicker than mud at times! So much to remember!

I have been sharing a lot on Facebook and Pinterest and just recently returned to Flickr . It is so easy to get caught up in the sharing (playing) and having fun that I forget I’m suppose to be selling! Hahaha So must get back to serious!

As you know, I decided to not take on any custom orders anymore. I will present what I have and have been inspired to design and that will keep my creativity flowing. Things will then be first come first served. I hope you will find a variety of fun things to choose from and know that what you get will truly be from my Dollyknickers heart.

Hope you haven’t given up on me.

Just a few “in progress” shots I thought would be fun to share.

Dollyknickers kitting, miniature knitting, doll socks, Barbie socks

Tiny needles and fine yarn create the in scale look for dolls

Super Size Barbie, Super Size Doll clothes, Dollyknickers designs, Dollyknickers sewing, satin doll dress

It starts with the right fit!