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Hello one and all,
I have a new appreciation for people that can keep up with running a small home business! Wow! I have learned the hard way just how much it involves! Well, I am trying my best and things are going to get better. I’m still learning this website stuff but I have to admit that my brain is thicker than mud at times! So much to remember!

I have been sharing a lot on Facebook and Pinterest and just recently returned to Flickr . It is so easy to get caught up in the sharing (playing) and having fun that I forget I’m suppose to be selling! Hahaha So must get back to serious!

So, I’ve been thinking about this for some time now, trying to come up with a format that works for me and what I do. Having things in a store type format, offering items one at a time as I can get them finished, is just not working for me. So, I decided that I could create a show, for the sale of items based on time. Let me explain, it takes time to make things, whether I’m sewing or knitting, and these two little hands can only go so fast. It is less stressful to me to just plan an event in the future to give me the time to relax and be creative without thinking I have to hurry to add the one item to the store.

This is what my plan is, there are 4 quarters in a year, that is 3 months of time between each quarter. I want to use the time to sew and knit and create a wonderful array of items to put together for a special show. All items available for sale will be displayed on one whole page. One photo per item will be shown on this show page. My mentor found the perfect fit for this in a new theme for my website. Hovering the mouse over the photo of interest will pop up a box with choices of purchase or details, clicking on details will open a new page with full details and more photos of the item as well as the purchase price. All items are pretty much ‘one of’ so it would be a first come, first serve and no reserves. Sometimes I might have multiples of the same item but that is rare. It will be clearly conveyed in the description. Once an item is purchased then it will be marked “sold”. PayPal will be fully functional too! Yeah!

It is my plan to send out invites to these special shows to all my registered members that have signed up on this website. In those invites will be an extra special gift, either a discount for one item or a freebie of something, it will be a surprise to me too. The new theme requires all to confirm their registration and sign up for the newsletter if they want to receive the specials. Toward the end of September an email will be sent to members with a special code to sign in with and confirm your registration. You can then change the code to a password of choice. All of this is necessary to protect all of us from spammers and bad guys. I hope this will be a way to look forward and plan for this, both for me and for those that want to purchase. I love sharing photos but finding the right way to make things available to those that would like to own some of my work has been a trial and error. I think this is the best plan so far and I hope it works well for all.

Another exciting bit of news is I will be featuring doll accessories, jewelry, purses, bags and belts by the very talented artist of Appolonia’s Accessories on FacebookAppolonia’s Accessories. I’m excited to be working with this lovely lady and looking forward to seeing her special creations, BLS for DollSize, exclusive at Dollyknickers.

Party Dates

January 1 – 7
April 1 – 7
July 1 – 7
October 1 – 7

Custom Orders

Part of why I do what I do is because of the great pleasure and stress relief I get from making things. Isn’t that why any of us do creative things? Being a seamstress and being able to sew and design doesn’t mean there is joy in making everything. I get frustrated in some of my own ideas when trying to make what’s in my head out of a flat piece of fabric! Saying this helps to explain why I do not want to do custom projects when they step out of my own comfort zone. I am not a costume designer nor do I like to make such unless I’m just inspired out of the blue. That doesn’t happen often. The Dollyknickers style of clothing is more about fit and comfort and most of what I make is based on things I would wear myself. I’m happy to make things in a color you want or maybe add a design element to make it more personal but for the most part, I make regular everyday outfits that I think dolls are happy to wear. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to ask, I love a challenge and am happy to consider an idea. I’m surprised many times by what inspires me!


Remember in order to receive invites and special discounts as well as purchase, you must be registered on this website and subscribe to the news letter. It is easy to do and I promised I DO NOT abuse your privacy nor do I flood your email with messages. The newsletters are brief and will show what’s new in Dollyknickers fashions and designs. They will be sent out once every quarter, (3 months) before the next party sale. You may also cancel at anytime.

This whole website is to share what I do to keep life from overwhelming me. This is my hobby and everything you see is made by me. Pattern and designs are my own. Sometimes I use a commercial pattern as a base to get the retro look but always with many alterations to fit into the Dollyknickers style. I do not mass produce anything. All is made one item at a time with much love and consideration.

Thank you so much for being a fan of my work and sharing the joy of play. We only grow old when we stop playing. Share the joy! Hugs, Christine

Dolly On!

Dolly On!